Frequently Asked Service Questions

Do you use contracts?

Currently we bill only for what you need done and pay as you go basis without complicated billing delays. If building an organization with people who need to get paid then contracts would be necessary as would collecting on them.

How do you deal with problems?

Please contact me with your concerns be it an upcoming special occasion or the wind blowing clippings back over the driveway. We are human and make mistakes but will try hard to make you happy.

Why do you mow tall?

Just about everyone asks or tells you to mow it short. In the North, you mow short about 1 inch high where the temperature is much cooler. In the South this short cut slowly kills the grass in about 7 to 8 years figure on sod and remediating erosion damage in many cases.

We mow tall at about 2 inches so that it does not shock the grass nearly as much killing it. This keeps bare spots to a minimum where weeds can seed and grow. The cut is not a smooth but much more healthy.

Do you weed and feed?

No, the chemicals are dangerous and the equipment very expensive. If you have pets, wipe off their paws especially if you see them licking. People can also be poisoned. You may walk across the yard an hour after treatment but mowing it will poison us. We will reschedule for four days later.

Why do you offer free quotes?

Sometimes you just can not do the work, for really steep slopes I recommend using goats, Each job is quoted for a limited time only as conditions change. We do not have equipment for clearing brush and utility rights of way that is another kind of service entirely.