Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We mow grass. If you don’t have any then we can’t mow it. We use commercial equipment to get the best results. We mow, edge, blow, trim shrubs and sometimes cut a low hanging branch to keep it from scratching a vehicle.

What don’t you do?

We don’t cut or chip trees. Each job is quoted free, sometimes we just can not do the work. Slopes steeper than 30 degrees cause oil to drain away from parts and burn up engines. We try to work close to home generally a 7 to 10 mile radius of Stone Mountain to keep prices and costs down.

Why do we schedule service?

There are only so many hours in a day and we need daylight, good rain free weather, hopefully not above 100 degrees. Heat stroke, exhaustion there are definitely limits to what can be done. Equipment maintenance, travel time it all burns up the clock.

Where do we service?

Services are generally provided in the Stone Mountain area: Avondale Estates, Pine Lake, Clarkston, Tucker, Northlake, Lilburn, Annistown, Centerville, Lithonia, and Redan areas.

What payments are accepted?

We take cash and checks. Some people just mail a check to Mark Ramaley, 745 Mountain Village Drive, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083.

Have looked a taking credit cards with Square but for the moment it just doesn’t work for me.